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Board of Trustees:
The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing all policies governing the St. Joseph Museums.  Trustees can serve two, three-year terms.  Following at least one year off of the board, a trustee can be elected for one additional three-year term.  Trustees are elected by the membership at that Annual Membership Meeting each January.  Trustees serve in staggered terms with seven Trustee positions being elected annually.


President - Gary Wilkinson

Vice-President - Patrick Dare

Treasurer - Hannah Parks

Secretary - Lance Rich

At-Large - Donna Jean Boyer

Board Members

Kathy Tootle Ames

Drew Brown

Scott Clark

Israel Alejandro Garcia-Garcia

Greg Hatten

Dr. Abha Havaldar

John Hickman

Susan Kimberlin

Emily Lindsay

Steve McCamy

Todd Michalski

Rich Nolf

Michelle Schaup

JD Soil

Shirley Ward-Major

Marshall White


City Representatives

Marty Novak

Mike Grimm

Wyeth-Tootle Mansion Gardens
RUSH for the Gold Fundraiser
RUSH For the Gold Fundraiser
St. Joseph Museums, Inc.
Black Archives Museum
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