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Press Release


New Exhibit at the East Hills Mall

Opens Courtesy of the St. Joseph Museums, Inc.

Rudolf Friedrich Kurz:  A Visit to St. Joseph 1848-1851


July 2, 2019 – The St. Joseph Museums, Inc., has opened a free temporary exhibit on the travels and art of Rudolf Friedrich Kurz during his stay in St. Joseph, Missouri.  The exhibit is located at the East Hills Mall, 3702 Frederick Avenue, in St. Joseph where it will be open to the public until January.


Kurz was a Swiss artist who traveled to St. Joseph in 1848.  He remained in the area during the major Gold Rush years until 1851.  During that time Kurz documented the native peoples and early founders of St.  Joseph including the city founder, Joseph Robidoux. 


“My chief task was to give from my own observation a sincere portrayal of the American Indian in his romantic mode of life.  The pictures are intended to be true to nature but chosen from the standpoint of the picturesque and depicted in an aesthetic manner,” wrote Kurz in his journal. 


Kurz’s journal and sketches provide a glimpse of what early St. Joseph – a rapidly-growing city on the edge of the west – was like.  The exhibit at the East Hills Mall features several hands-on interactives with sketches from Kurz’s journal and information gleaned from his journal entries.