The Boom Exhibit is an effort to provide a comprehensive, insightful and historically accurate record of the formation, growth and demise of Black Commercial Districts in America and a look into the lives and motivation of the individuals associated with these remarkable efforts. The establishment of restaurants, insurance companies, groceries, clothing stores, construction firms, beauty parlors and many other enterprises so vital to the pride and pulse of a thriving community are an integral and often underappreciated component of the Black experience. With that in mind The Black Archives of St. Joseph, part of the St. Joseph Museums Inc., is pleased to announce the BOOM Exhibit; an enlightening display highlighting the legacy of Black-owned business districts in the state of Missouri.  Co-sponsoring this event is the Missouri State Museum and Missouri State Parks, a division of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.​​​ The Boom Exhibit will be displayed at the East Hills Mall from January to June, 2020, as well as other sites in the local community.

Until July 2020 the The Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph commemorates Arthur Kraft, who once spent five weeks in the alcoholic ward of the St. Joseph State Hospital. During his stay in 1971, Kraft compiled his observations and drawings of fellow patients into "Sounds of Fury," a limited-edition book published in 1971.  Now the museum exhibit "Sounds of Fury" features five paintings on loan from the The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, large-scale pages from Kraft's book by the same name and paintings on loan from area collectors. 

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