For Groups

Looking for a group tour that’s a little different – and  unforgettable? For a group tour experience they’ll keep talking about, look no further. There’s a fascinating story to appeal to everyone in your group when you visit the St. Joseph Museums. Tours are available to groups of 10 or more people.

One group tour reservation at the St. Joseph Museum can include:


  • Glore Psychiatric Museum

  • St. Joseph Museum

  • Black Archives Museum

  • Wyeth-Tootle Mansion

  • Doll Museum

Group Reservations: Easy to Plan, Memorable, and Exciting Tours

We provide guided tours of any or all of our museums. We’re professional, experienced, and enthusiastic as we share stories and exhibits with your group. Ranked by TripAdvisor for excellence, and featured on media networks like HGTV and The Discovery Channel, a group reservation with The St. Joseph Museums is sure to be a favorite you’ll want to repeat. To create your unique group reservation plan, contact Kami Jones, 816.232.8471, Or reserve your tour online by clicking the "request a group tour" button above.

St. Joseph Museum Complex Group Rate (10 or More):  $5.00
              Includes Glore Psychiatric Museum, History Galleries, Black Archives Museum and more

Interactive Tour Options (all prices include interactive program and guided tour of collection):

            Glore - Emotional Toolbox - An in-depth look at stress and burnout, how it changes the brain, the body and your life. Including how                  to identify your stressors and healthy ways to regulate stress. All participants make a flower sachet to start their emotional toolbox -                $11 per person

            Glore - Scavenger Hunt with Prizes - Go on a scavenger hunt throughout the museum to find different exhibits. All participants get a                goodie bag for completing the scavenger hunt - $11 per person

            Native American Galleries - Beading workshop - Learn about Native American beading techniques while you look at pieces of our                    collection not currently on display to the public! Each participant will bead their own piece of jewelry to take home - $13 per person

           Black Archives Museum - Kenneth Clark Doll Study - Take an in-depth look at the Doll Study performed by Kenneth and Mammie                    Clark in the 1950's that was used in the Brown VS Topeka Board of Education Case in the Supreme court. Discussion about current                  studies and the Civil Rights Movement - $8 per person

            Black Archives Museum- Slave Choices - An in-depth exploration of the choices made by slaves during the time of the Civil War and               Harriet Tubman's Under Ground Railroad. Explore some of the choices and consequences on trying to escape slavery in the US

           - $8 per person

            Doll Museum - WWI Japanese Friendship Dolls - A discussion about the cultural significance of Japanese Friendship dolls at the end               of WWI. Each participant will learn origami (the Japanese art of paper folding) and take home their own origami crane - $9 per person

            Wyeth-Tootle Mansion - Architecture in a Parquet Floor - Learn about architecture and design of historic homes, especially in the St.                 Joseph area, as well as a look at the illusions built into parquet floors. All participants will have a chance to design their own parquet              pattern - $9 per person (only available at the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion) 

            All interactives are available to come to your location too! Please contact for more information on having             these interactives brought to your location.

Wyeth-Tootle Mansion Museum Group Rate (10 or More):  $5.00

Virtual Videos Available: Please contact for payment scheduling.

               Guided Tour of the Glore Psychiatric Museum with Marty Soper - 30 minutes, $100

               Kill or Cure movie - 1 hour, $30

              10 Minute Introductory Video - FREE on our Youtube channel:


Paranormal Group Tours: Throughout the year, many groups enjoy a paranormal tour of the St. Joseph Museums complex. Because many of the exhibits feature stories and events from the 1874 State Lunatic Asylum #2, some tour participants are interested in exploring paranormal activity by special reservation. For more information, contact Jerrad Hardin, 816.232.8471,


In the United States:

Each year the St. Joseph Museums welcomes guests to come with them on trips where they explore the natural and cultural history (as well as wonderful regional cuisine) of Midwestern cities and cities around the country. Previous trips have included Abraham Lincoln sites in Springfield, Illinois; Civil War battlefield sites in southwestern Missouri; and the Kansas Flint Hills prairie; Pella, IA Tulip Festival and one day adventures within the tri-state area.