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Checkout the 2023 Employee Year in Review

Sara Wilson - Executive Director

Sara Wilson - Director


Anita Sontheimer - Financial Services


Shelly Haynes - Gift Shop, Grants & Programming

Jerrad Hardin - Volunteer and Experience Manager

Jerrad Hardin - Rentals, Volunteers &

Visitor Experiences

Tori Zigler - Osteologist and NAGPRA Specialist

Tori Zieger - Osteologist and NAGPRA

Kami Jones - Communications and Group Tours Manager

Kami Jones - Communications & Group Tours

Sarah Ben-Ezra - Collectiona Manager

Sarah Ben-Ezra- Collections Manager

Cody Hudson - Graphic and Exhibit Design

Cody Hudson- Graphic & Exhibit Design

Heather New.jpg

Heather Nelson - Visitor & Custodial Services

Max New.jpg

Max Morgan - Collections Assistant

Robert Culbertson & Brooks Smith

- Security and Maintenance 

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