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Murder at the Asylum

There has been a murder at the State Lunatic Asylum #2, this full museum immersive game has you hunting for clues to figure out who murdered Dr. Harlow Mills, how he was murdered and where! This full filled experience is for groups of 10 or more and can be played individually or in teams. Come see if you can figure out who dun it! 

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Glore After Hours 

Experience the Glore Psychiatric Museum, formerly the State Lunatic Asylum #2 with this unique, after hours, private event. Upon arrival at the Glore you will be given a short tour of the museum and then it is lights out! Paranormal investigator Kathy Parks and her team will lead the group on a professional investigation throughout all 4 floors of the museum and the tunnels. Book your party today!

Children's Parties - Parties are $150 f0r 15 children and $10 each additional child 

Beading Workshop

Learn about Native American beading techniques, regional identification, and the importance of Native American heritage and culture,  while you look at pieces not currently on display! Each participant will learn to loom bead while they bead their own bracelet or keychain to take home. This experience is recommended for ages 8 and up and includes a tour of the Native American Galleries. 

Dig Day!

This experience explores archeology! Learn about dinosaurs, ancient cultures, fossils, geology and of course all the things you can find digging in the dirt! This fun party option is fully interactive with crafts and play. This experience is recommended for ages 4-10. 

Owen Sisters

In this experience you will discover the 3 St. Joseph sisters who were well beyond their time! A geologist, artist and folklorists, the Owen Sisters left their mark on the world. Learn about geology, ornithology in art, and how to tell important stories. You will explore nature in our gardens, animals in our exhibits and tell the story of one of our famous St. Joseph natives! This experience is available at the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion and is recommended for ages 5-12


Dive into the world of buildings and structures with this full interactive experience. You will get to learn about some of the buildings in St. Joseph, design and draw your own buildings and of course build with our oversized blocks! You will also explore style and art as you learn and paint your own fresco style painting. This experience is held at the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion and is recommended for ages 4-10.

African-American Arts

Want to listen to some awesome music, learn about poetry, or explore your artistic side? Then this is the experience for you! With this party you will learn about the roots of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Hip Hop and Soul music. Sing and dance to some legends in music! You will also explore modern folk art as you paint your own African influenced pictures and much more. This party is recommended for ages 5 and up and includes a tour of the Black Archives Museum.

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