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Educational Experiences 

Native American Galleries Programming

Archeology and Native American Galleries

In our Beading Workshop you will learn about Native American beading techniques, regional identification, and the importance of Native American heritage and culture,  while you look at pieces not currently on display! Each participant will learn to loom bead while they bead their own bracelet or keychain to take home. Native North American teaches about the culture, heritage and lives of tribes in North America with a focus on culture, resources and everyday lives. Native American Artifact and Object Based Learning: this program gives students the opportunity to handle real Native American objects as they build their inference and critical thinking skills World Archaeology and Ethnography: students will have the opportunity to learn about world cultures through primary sources and artifacts with this customizable program. Rocks and Minerals: In this program, various examples of rocks and minerals are provided for students to handle and interact with, including Missouri’s state mineral. All programs are available in conjunction with a guided tour of the Native American Galleries or can be presented on-site at your location. most are also available via Zoom.

Beading workshop includes a full tour of the Native American galleries. Group rate is $13 per person and includes take home craft. Onsite is available for $11 per person inside St. Joseph and Buchanan County, contact for rates outside these areas. All other programs are  $10 per person onsite, or $5 per person Zoom. SJSD rates may vary with partnership, check Kami Jones - before booking your program.

Glore Psychiatric Museum

The Emotional Toolbox  is an in-depth look at stress and burnout, how it changes the brain, the body and your life. All participants make a flower sachet to start their emotional toolbox. This program is available in conjunction with a guided tour of the Glore Psychiatric Museum or can be presented onsite at your location. The Scavenger Hunt is a fun and interactive way to explore the museum for your students! This hunt takes you to all 4 floors of the museum and can be added to your group tour at no additional cost.

Glore Psychiatric Museum Programming

Group rate for Emotional Toolbox is $12 per person, includes a full tour of the Glore and take home craft. Onsite presentations are $10 per person inside St. Joseph and Buchanan county. Call for pricing outside these areas.

Scavenger hunt is available onsite only. $13 per person includes full tour and goodie bag of gift shop items.

Black Archives Museum Programming

Black Archives of St. Joseph 

We have several options available with our Black Archives Museum. Choices of a Missouri Slave 

an in-depth exploration of the choices made by slaves during the time of the Civil War in Missouri and Kansas. Explore some of the choices and consequences on trying to escape slavery in the US. 

Kenneth Clark Doll Study Take an in-depth look at the Doll Study performed by Kenneth and Mammie Clark in the 1950's that was used in the Brown VS Topeka Board of Education and how it is relevant today. Jeffery Deroine - From Slave to World Traveler Learn the unique and amazing history of Joseph Robidoux's personal slave Jeffery Deroine, how he earned his freedom and bacame a legend. All Black Archives programming is available in conjunction with a guided tour of the Black Archives Museum or can be presented on-site at your location.

Group rate for all Black Archives programs are $10 per person and include a full tour of the Black Archives Museum. Programs onsite are $8 per person inside of St. Joseph and Buchanan County. Call for pricing outside of these areas. Zoom presentation is available for $5 per person. FREE Civil Rights programming is available in February, call 816-232-8471 for more details.

Doll Museum

Japanese Friendship Doll Miss Hyogo in this program you will learn the importance of Japanese Friendship dolls at the end of WWI as well as their cultural meanings today. The group will also explore the cultural significance of dolls with examples from the Saroff Doll Collection. Each participant will also learn to make an origami (Japanese art of paper folding) crane. This experience is available at the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion or on-site at your location. 

Group rate is $10 and includes a tour of the Wyeth-Tootle Mansion. Onsite programming not yet available for Doll Museum. Includes take home craft. 

Doll Museum Programming

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